Our Staff

Christa Breitbach-Chapman

I actually started working at Ermisch Travel back in 1967. At that time my father told me if I wanted my weekly allowance one of my chores would be to stamp the brochures at our travel agency.

From there my responsibilities grew at a rapid pace (however my weekly allowance didn’t.) I went on to filing all of the brochures, helping with mailings that we did and eventually delivering tickets to our corporate accounts.

I started full time in 1975 and have continued to work full time ever since. I can still remember the good old days where a travel agents’ benefits were wonderful. I will never forget the week that one of my favorite cruise line reps called and asked if I would want to leave that Sat on a prepaid 7 day cruise for 2 to Bermuda. Those offers got less and less over the years. If I wouldn’t enjoy my job so much I might have moved on to another field, but it honestly is FUN to come to work at Ermisch every day. My days are always different (never boring) and always exciting. I mean how much better could it get then to be able to fulfill someone’s dreams….

And that is exactly what I would like to do for you….so give me a call and let your dreams come true!!!

Email me at: Christa(at)ermischtravel(dot)com

Stephanie Breitbach

I began full time in the Administrative Department at Ermisch Travel in 1977 after graduating from Battle Creek Central High School. I completed several courses at Kellogg Community College in pursuit of a Criminal Justice degree, but the lure of the exciting field of Travel convinced me to devote all of my energy to Ermisch Travel.

I have traveled extensively throughout my life, including all over the United States, the Caribbean, and Europe. My first cruise was across the Atlantic Ocean at age 3, and since then have sailed a dozen times on a variety of cruise lines.

We have relatives in Germany and have travelled to Europe many times over the years, most recently during my son’s senior year in high school, where three of his friends joined us for a week’s visit to our family’s hometown of Wiesbaden, Germany.

I recently visited Hawaii my first trip back there since 1973. That is one of my favorite destinations… .there is so much to see and do. And the islands are each unique and incredibly beautiful. We even ran into Clint Eastwood on the island of Maui!

My hobbies include running, reading, sports, shopping, and, of course, TRAVEL!

Email me at: stephanie(at)ermischtravel(dot)com

Jude Simmons Hennessey

I graduated in 1986 from Climax-Scotts High School and attended Western Michigan University for three years pursuing a degree in fine arts. Feeling a little confused as to what my future held, I took what was suppose to be a 6 month reprieve from college to live and work in London, England. There I met my future husband (an Irishman from County Cork), and ended up staying for a year and a half.

After moving back to the states to live, I attended Davenport University and received my diploma in Travel and Tourism. I have been with Ermisch Travel for over 10 years. I have a vast knowledge about travel, and can get you to most any place you want to go, from bicycling through Holland to back packing the Himalayas, touring the gardens of England to cruising the Orient, or maybe a train package to Chicago, a Walt Disney World stay or a flight to Boise.

Email me at: jude(at)ermischtravel(dot)com

Diane Carr

I am a graduate of Pennfield High School and Davenport University, with my degree in Travel and Tourism. I have worked in both the Battle Creek and Coldwater areas. My husband and I will be soon celebrating our 28th anniversary. We have been blessed with a son and daughter

It is a pleasure working here with the staff at Ermisch Travel. Each day we have the opportunity to speak with many interesting people with a variety of destinations. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Email me at: diane(at)ermischtravel(dot)com

Michele Batterson-Sisco

I am the newest member of Ermisch Travel, returning after an absence of several years.  My most recent trip was a visit to Sandals for an awesome vacation.  I look forward to helping you plan your next getaway!

Email me at: michele(at)ermischtravel(dot)com